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If you want info on the dance company I co-direct with Erik Stern, go to Dr. Schaffer and Mr. Stern Dance Ensemble. If you want to know more about work we do with dance and mathematics go to www.mathdance.org.


Article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by Stephen Ornes, June 25, 2013, on our recent math and dance work.

See the October, 2012 TEDx presentation by Karl Schaffer and Erik Stern on our educational approach to combining dance and mathematics.

There is a feature article on me in the recent booklet for teenagers, Cool Careers in Mathematics.

Listen to the interview with of Sept. 12, 2008, on The Math Factor, the podcast by the Univ. of Arkansas' Chaim Goodman-Strauss. Chaim Goodman-Strauss has another section of the interview he did with me in 2008, on his podcast the Math Factor. This one's on what's sometimes called the Portuguese Waiter trick; the actual interview section is several weeks before Chaim's short video clip.

La Voz, De Anza's student paper, carried an article in 2009 by Joy Mann on my math/dance activities. They were more interested in Killer Klowns from Outer Space than I am, but there you go!

Here's an interview with Robert Pollie on his show The Seventh Avenue Project, in 2009. He interviewed Keith Devlin and I about the work "Harmonious Equations," with music by Zambra, choreography by myself, prose narration by Keith.

Discoveries and Breakthroughs in Science May 2008 story + video clip on Erik Stern and my work integrating math and dance (click on "Do the Math Dance," under the mathematics heading).

La Nacion Costa Rica article of May 31, 2008 on the VI Festival Internationale de Matematica  (some work I did with students there is mentioned in the article).

Resource list for artists trying to link their art form to mathematics. It is designed especially for teaching artists trying to make interdisciplinary connections with math for their work with students or teachers.

Math and the Iraq War: handout prepared for Creating Balance in an Unjust World: conference on math education and social justice, held Apr. 4-6, 2008, in Brooklyn, NY: This includes the material on Iraq War Casualties prepared in 2004 and updated in 2005, now updated again. (Other faculty may use this freely in your classes, as long as you credit the author, but please do not "republish, as I may make periodic revisions. Thanks!)

Multicultural Mathematics Bibliography

Mobbing: Workplace Abuse: Some background on this De Anza  problem

Students for Justice Math Dept. Rally 2/17/04

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