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WISEAM provides a program to support and encourage women who want a career in science, engineering, or mathematics. Our goal is to have equal representation of women and men in the technical professions.

Our program will:

•  provide professional mentors for members.

•  go on field trips to universities and industries of interest

•  conduct mock interviews using professionals from industry or academia

•  help members to:

  explore technical careers in Science, Engineering, or Math, based on their studies and interests
  fill out college applications and personal statements
  prepare resumes and cover letters
  build networks for life-long support

WISEAM prepares our women students to move on to four-year colleges and rewarding careers.

Please contact us through email to our faculty advisors Bambi Moise and Mary Cox, or our advisor Paul Edwards.

Note: Our next Speakers Event is to be determined. Click here for more details.


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