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No Go Club for the summer. The next Go/Chess/Physics Club meeting will begin Friday, September 29th, 2:30 pm around my office or S11.


I am the advisor to the De Anza Go/Chess club which is, off and on, an official De Anza club. I will teach you how to play Go; it's easier to learn than chess. Here is a short introduction to the game: Go intro. 


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Order of magnitude for energy

Another order of magnitude for energy from Wikipedia

How to study physics

An article on "Lysenkoism" for some perspective on false science.

An Economist article on how something difficult to read can make learning better (justifying my sloppy solutions!)

Physics 10

Physics 50

Physics 2A

Physics 2B

Physics 2C

Physics 4A

Physics 4B

Physics 4C

Lab Skills Manual in PDF format

An errata sheet for the lab skills manual  

Ernie Kovacs's famous inclined table sketch